Carry out a measured survey of the relevant parts of your existing property, incorporating the site conditions.


Provide existing survey drawings at 1:100 scales, which will form the basis of the Outline Proposals and will be required for Planning and Building Regulation Applications.


Work with you to develop your brief and aspirations for your project.


Provide a minimum of two Outline Proposals for your project, whilst working within your budget, brief and aspirations, which allows you to establish a basic design before committing to the more detailed Planning Application stage.


Establish if there is any planning history and/or planning constraints for the site.




Feasibility and Outline Proposals

Develop the Outline Proposal to provide general arrangement Planning Drawings at 1:100/1:200 scales, which will form the basis of a Planning Application.


Provide a Design and Access Statement to accompany the Planning Application.


Liaise with other consultants, which may be required to input into the Planning Application, such as Aboriculturalists or Ecologists.


Prepare and submit a Planning Application on-line, on your behalf.


Negotiate and discuss the proposals with the local Planning Authority on your behalf.

Planning Drawings and Application
STAGE 3 and 4
Building Regulations and Tender Package

Provide Building Regulation Drawings at 1:50/1:100 scales and notes, which will form the basis of a Building Regulation Application.


Provide information relating to materials and products to be used including insulation, damp proofing and the design of any roofs, windows and doors.


Prepare and submit a Building Regulation Application on-line, on your behalf.


Provide advice and recommendations on finishes, manufacturers and contractors.


Prepare Construction Drawings, which can be used to obtain accurate construction costs from contractors.


Provide Details to accompany the Construction Drawings.


Prepare a Schedule of Works document to accompany the Construction Drawings, which can be used to obtain accurate construction costs from contractors.

Advise and prepare a suitable contract between you and a contractor (the type of contract will be determined by the proposed scheme and contract value).


Organise and attend a  pre-contract meeting with you and a contractor to agree the procedures for instructions, variations, payment process/terms, programme and communications.


Attend site on a fortnightly basis to advise on any issues and check that the work is in accordance with the drawings and Building Regulations.


Provide additional details or information that may be required by a contractor and be on hand to answer any queries, which may arise.


Check contractors monthly valuations.

Contract Administration